Our mission

Dear friends, as we all know Ukrainian events raised an emotional storm among the local society of ex-Soviet emigrants. The former Ukrainian government has caused the Maidan revolution. Now another group of irresponsible politicians is destroying the brotherhood of nations by turning Russians and Ukrainians into enemies. The situation reeks of absurdity, — practically any argument nowadays concludes with a stream personal insults. It seems like we have lost the ability to listen or even to hear each other. Luckily some German immigrants are trying to sidestep such useless verbal confrontations and trying their best to help seniors, children, the wounded, the homeless, and other innocent victims of the war.

The Peaceful United Ukraine (“1. Friedliche Vereinigte Ukraine”) is one of the recently registered organizations of this kind. Its founders, living in Germany and Ukraine, are unable to ignore the sorrows of their former and current compatriots who have become hostages of criminal political ambitions. They’ve organized empaththetic like-minded people who have decided to act.

The Peaceful United Ukraine Public Association strictly limits its mission to humanitarian activity. Its statutory goals are achieved with the help of donations. The primary goals are financial, material, and medical help for:
— children in need;
— orphanages and disabled persons homes;
— children from single-parent families;
— homeless refugees devoid of means of living;
— bereaved family members of dead soldiers;
— hospitals;
— the wounded.

General medical and post-traumatic rehabilitation of the wounded and their family members is also on the Association’s agenda.

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