Joint Action on account of the Children’s Day

This action has been carried out thanks to Georgij Tuka.

01.06.2015 Together with Natalia Khylko (head of the “Open Vereign” e.V., Freiburg) and Svitlana Podoba (volunteer of Ukrainian diaspora in Munich) a delivery of humanitarian aid dedicated to the International Children’s Day is organized. Also a targeted assistance to Dnipropetrovsk Central Regional Hospital named after Mechnikov, which has received medicines, crutches and bandages, is provided. The targeted assistance to individuals is provided as well.

Contact persons and volunteers from Munich Diaspora Svetlana and Yuriy Podoba.

The cargo included children’s clothing, sports equipment, bicycles, toys,

Arepresentative of Ukrainian diaspora in Munich Andrew has donated three rollators and clothing.

This photo has been made immediately before the departure to Ukraine. The volunteers of our organization who actively participated in the preparation of the humanitarian aid and its delivery with their children:
Victoria Tsetera and Laetitia Tsetera,
Ol’ga Myrskyy and Martin Myrskyy.

Children’s nursing home in Kyiv (Kiev Sviatoshynsky area) has received baby clothes and toys.

In addition to the humanitarian aid, the nursing home’s inhabitants received a lot of positive emotions.


Translation from Ukrainian:


The administration of Svyatoshynsky orphanage is deeply grateful to you and the public organization Peace 1. The united Ukrainefor your support in such difficult times.

We thank you for the care of children with disabilities and tragic fates, for your desire to do good, ащкfor your generosity and understanding of problems related to the living in an orphanage.

Your attention to the orphans is worthy of the most respectful admiration.

Please be aware that you have filled the hearts of our 161 pupils with joy, and their souls with faith and hope. We wish you happiness, inexhaustible spiritual strength, prosperity and success in all your plans.

We are looking forward for further cooperation and invite you to visit our children’s home in a convenient time.

Director of the orphanage                                O. Beskrestnov.

Dnepropetrovsk, Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnikov.
The organizers of help to the wounded received medicines, crutches, bandages.
The photo deipcts our friends and helpers from Dnipropetrovsk: Elena Luchko, Natalie Nasykovska and Alexander.


This photo has been made in Chernihiv hospital. Our wounded friend from battalion “Chernigov” Peter Schvydkoj received wheelchairs, crutches, cane, corset, rollator and medicines.

IMG_8774 IMG_8779

Larisa Samara is a citizen of Kyiv. Her daughter Lisa is suffering from phenylketonuria. They received our humanitarian assistance: medicines and food which are vitally necessary for the little girl, and clothing.

received_859435354103639 received_859435357436972 received_859435367436971

Humanitarian aid delivered to our friend volunteer Vitaly Panitch for further targeted transmission.

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