How can I help?

To the attention of our sponsors: the necessary documents for financial institutions (donation certificate) issued in accordance with German law, on a mandatory basis and with the official round stamp.

1. You can transfer money.
Those wishing to help certain to categories of the needy, may indicate the purpose of the donation. Namely:
– children in need;
– orphanages and disabled persons homes;
– сhildren from single-parent families;
– homeless refugees devoid of means of living;
– bereaved family members of dead soldiers;
– hospitals;
– the wounded.

Our banking details:

"1. Friedliche Vereinigte Ukraine" e.V.
 Sparkasse Rastatt-Gernsbach
 IBAN: DE69 6655 0070 0000 4437 05

All the inquiries on the funds allocation is guaranteed to be answered in a most complete and precise manner.

2. You can send or bring necessary things, such as: wheelchairs, crutches, clothing (for adults and children), shoes, bedding, toys, hygiene products, medicines and dressings, appliances, electronics, etc.
The donations are collected at: Bookstore “Atlant”, Kaiserstr. 62, 76437 Rastatt, tel. 07222 159971.

3. You can join the organization. Get in touch with us through the page “Contacts“. Our doors are always open for volunteers.