Joint Action

This action has been carried out thanks to Georgij Tuka.

24.03.2015 jointly with Natalia Khilko (head of “Open Vereign” e.V., Freiburg) and Svetlana Podoba (volunteer of the Ukrainian diaspora in Munich) three vans “Volkswagen T4” have been acquired and transferred to the following Ukrainian volunteers: Vitaly Panitch (Kiev), Olga and Vladimir Lebedev (NGO “Bulava”, Kiev ) and volunteers Roman Partak (Rivne) .
The vehicles were loaded with ca. three tons of humanitarian aid addressed to children’s homes and hospitals, as well as to the families of soldiers killed in the ATO zone. Namely: children’s beds, strollers, toys, baby food, diapers, clothes for the refugees, medicines, crutches, wheelchairs.

Preparation for the departure and a couple of pictures made on the road:

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Humanitarian aid is delivered! Volunteers – mechanis and painters of the public organization “Bulava” – converting the car into an ambulance and preparing it to be sent to the ATO zone:

0400 0410 0420 0430 0440 0450

Rivne volunteers have received the car which is going to be used to provide the military personnel and civilians in the ATO zone with food, medical supplies, uniforms, etc. Young Rivne dwellers send farewell to soldiers, as well as the driver and the freight forwarder.

0010 0020 0030 0040 0050 0060

The aid delivered to the civilian population in the ATO zone and to the refugees:

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0060 0070 0080

The recipients in the ATO zone:


The medical subdivision of “Cascade” battalion has received the humanitarian aid: syringes, medicines, bandages, compresses, plasters, first aid bags, cotton wool.


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