After the Concert

Charity Symphony concert organized by our organization in cooperation with the Frankfurt Ukrainian diaspora, has raised enough money for the next shipment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine for orphanages, refugees and low-income families of killed and wounded Ukrainian heroes.

The Project Coordinator — National Movement “DIYA”

Delivery to L’viv:
12800154_1576680495990723_6711536948995964765_n 943971_1576680735990699_6643989684697949056_n 1186912_1130606020312990_231347172548317401_n 1916943_1576680589324047_6310005496953835622_n 10400427_1130606146979644_6753891614557046217_n 10403260_1576680392657400_4957686397068280562_n 10408766_1576680622657377_8755752430235636318_n 10428715_1576680365990736_9127436478288314219_n 10660085_1130605880313004_8822307228699540368_n 11229694_1126079677432291_6149402766381740734_n 11229820_1126079210765671_1962101172735746743_n 12418038_1116695108370748_4320183380022603660_n 12508739_1116695491704043_6877060564216159821_n 12592410_1116694461704146_1123452892433104017_n 12644648_1116694531704139_4576113407045103966_n 12644918_1116695335037392_4277865027049209399_n 12645256_1116694225037503_2566781597875466863_n 12651086_1116695375037388_151569533736504495_n 12654705_1116694418370817_4790828209243433114_n 12662450_1116695445037381_2036793163407829572_n 12670046_1116694325037493_5720298603225982354_n 12715626_1130605776979681_2528639675631112955_n 12715659_1126079394098986_746106356891168399_n 12717774_1126079330765659_8416045260468870477_n 12717904_1126079814098944_1082202569094709092_n 12718133_1576680535990719_2808830102397875657_n 12729263_1130605823646343_5670496542450874265_n 12742134_1130606106979648_8956334352036914767_n 12742662_1130605963646329_2554899573656946739_n 12742769_1126079577432301_1988231199235568057_n 12743950_1130606070312985_3078360225083016462_n 12744100_1576680485990724_8451373302696993828_n 12744404_1126079254099000_7567785680204593735_n 12744739_1126079734098952_1397406486411073797_n 12745442_1576680695990703_4094702812162143275_n 12745465_1130605736979685_2125539086933076018_n 12745759_1576680662657373_5821230389771956199_n 12745842_1114940425224726_1232570186495698067_n 12745914_1576680629324043_960000104130236608_n 12790991_1576680742657365_4796125267953779077_n 12794465_1576680529324053_2990084881483837113_n 12799075_1576680359324070_2705565018664981038_n

Delivery to the hospital of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Kyiv):
12644716_548280012005644_774798647813518640_n 12661814_548279895338989_3308009517216229827_n 12662519_548279882005657_9049620091786483883_n

Delivery to Svyatoshino orphanage for handicapped children (Kyiv):
12654441_548127308687581_3763816205059669006_n 12669509_548127205354258_7190879390976159485_n

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Сharity concert

26.12.2015 Baden-Baden’s Kurhaus hosted a charity concert of Baden Symphony Orchestra in favor of Ukraine which turned out to be a great success. The public organization “1 Peaceful United Ukraine” expresses deep gratitude to representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, as well as to Ukrainian General Consuls in Munich and Frankfurt Vadim Kostyuk and Alla Polyova for their help and support.


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Collection of humanitarian aid

30.11.2015. City clinic in Baden-Baden donated our organization 12 beds and a great number of items for care in Ukrainian hospitals.

Foto_2 Foto_1

Christian humanitarian organization “Diakonie Werkhas provided us with a warehouse in Rastatt for temporary storage beds. Preparation of hospital beds and other humanitarian aid for sending to Ukraine.

Foto_4 Foto_3

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The cooperation of our organization with volunteers from Frankfurt and Ukraine

Activists of the Ukrainian diaspora in Frankfurt Svetlana, Irina, Tatyana and Yana have collected humanitarian aid for the families of the Crimean patriots displaced people and the soldiers from the Lviv region killed during the ATO.

Franfurt_2 Franfurt_3 Franfurt_4
Ukrainian volunteers Bogdan Illyashyk and Nikolay Stashuk delivered the humanitarian aid from Rastatt to Ukraine.

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Delivery of Humanitarian Aid

Our action for the humanitarian aid delivery has been fulfilled thanks to active involvement of NGO “MTSAI” of town Novyi Rozdil and a representative of the Ukrainian diaspora in Frankfurt Svetlana Rovshan.
Our volunteers

Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_1 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_2 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_3 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_4
Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_5 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_6 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_7 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_8
Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_9 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_10 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_11
Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_12 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_13 V_dogonku
Town of Novyi Rozdil.

The aid delivered to town of Novyi Rozdil includes clothing, medicaments, bandages, surgical gowns, masks, wheelchair, rollators, crutches, diapers and 2 exercisers addressed to the town’s hospital, the rehabilitation center and the center of the disabled.

Svyatoshynskyi home for disabled children in Kiev obtained clothing, toys, medicines, personal care products.
Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_1 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_2 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_3 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_4
Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_5 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_6 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_7 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_8

Medicines and bandages have been delivered to Kyiv children’s medical center “Syrets'” .
LOR_Syrez_1 LOR_Syrez_2

Doctor Denga Valeriy P.

In the city of Chernihiv our seriously wounded friend Peter has received an exerciser.
Medicaments, wound dressing materisls, operating gowns, diapers and crutches have been delivered to Chernihiv City Hospital.

Likarnya Blank_Zvit_Chernigov

Medicaments, wound dressing materials, personal first aid kits, medical gowns and an ambulance car has been delivered to Mariupil’ hospital
Mariupol_1 Mariupol_2

10.10.2015. Together with the representative of Frankfurt Ukrainian diaspora Svetlana Rovshan, Ukrainian volunteers from volunteer center “Mercy” who arrived at our invitation from Cherkasy, have received humanitarian for to the rehabilitation center: medicaments, hygiene products, bedding, blankets, clothes, shoes, bicycles and huosehold utencils.
Svitlana Rovshan, Nikolay Stashuk and Oleg Skal’ko.

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Good news from the Lugansk and Donetsk regions from our volunteering friends

05.08.2015. The July heat, broken roads and mortar attacks have not prevented our volunteering friends to deliver 200 kg. of vital humanitarian goods to orphans and children from poor families in the east of the Ukraine.
Delivered are: medicines, clothing, food and personal care products.

KLSaNNa4N4s y_37fk55bKc

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Joint Action on account of the Children’s Day

This action has been carried out thanks to Georgij Tuka.

01.06.2015 Together with Natalia Khylko (head of the “Open Vereign” e.V., Freiburg) and Svitlana Podoba (volunteer of Ukrainian diaspora in Munich) a delivery of humanitarian aid dedicated to the International Children’s Day is organized. Also a targeted assistance to Dnipropetrovsk Central Regional Hospital named after Mechnikov, which has received medicines, crutches and bandages, is provided. The targeted assistance to individuals is provided as well.

Contact persons and volunteers from Munich Diaspora Svetlana and Yuriy Podoba.

The cargo included children’s clothing, sports equipment, bicycles, toys,

Arepresentative of Ukrainian diaspora in Munich Andrew has donated three rollators and clothing.

This photo has been made immediately before the departure to Ukraine. The volunteers of our organization who actively participated in the preparation of the humanitarian aid and its delivery with their children:
Victoria Tsetera and Laetitia Tsetera,
Ol’ga Myrskyy and Martin Myrskyy.

Children’s nursing home in Kyiv (Kiev Sviatoshynsky area) has received baby clothes and toys.

In addition to the humanitarian aid, the nursing home’s inhabitants received a lot of positive emotions.


Translation from Ukrainian:


The administration of Svyatoshynsky orphanage is deeply grateful to you and the public organization Peace 1. The united Ukrainefor your support in such difficult times.

We thank you for the care of children with disabilities and tragic fates, for your desire to do good, ащкfor your generosity and understanding of problems related to the living in an orphanage.

Your attention to the orphans is worthy of the most respectful admiration.

Please be aware that you have filled the hearts of our 161 pupils with joy, and their souls with faith and hope. We wish you happiness, inexhaustible spiritual strength, prosperity and success in all your plans.

We are looking forward for further cooperation and invite you to visit our children’s home in a convenient time.

Director of the orphanage                                O. Beskrestnov.

Dnepropetrovsk, Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnikov.
The organizers of help to the wounded received medicines, crutches, bandages.
The photo deipcts our friends and helpers from Dnipropetrovsk: Elena Luchko, Natalie Nasykovska and Alexander.


This photo has been made in Chernihiv hospital. Our wounded friend from battalion “Chernigov” Peter Schvydkoj received wheelchairs, crutches, cane, corset, rollator and medicines.

IMG_8774 IMG_8779

Larisa Samara is a citizen of Kyiv. Her daughter Lisa is suffering from phenylketonuria. They received our humanitarian assistance: medicines and food which are vitally necessary for the little girl, and clothing.

received_859435354103639 received_859435357436972 received_859435367436971

Humanitarian aid delivered to our friend volunteer Vitaly Panitch for further targeted transmission.

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Joint Action

This action has been carried out thanks to Georgij Tuka.

24.03.2015 jointly with Natalia Khilko (head of “Open Vereign” e.V., Freiburg) and Svetlana Podoba (volunteer of the Ukrainian diaspora in Munich) three vans “Volkswagen T4” have been acquired and transferred to the following Ukrainian volunteers: Vitaly Panitch (Kiev), Olga and Vladimir Lebedev (NGO “Bulava”, Kiev ) and volunteers Roman Partak (Rivne) .
The vehicles were loaded with ca. three tons of humanitarian aid addressed to children’s homes and hospitals, as well as to the families of soldiers killed in the ATO zone. Namely: children’s beds, strollers, toys, baby food, diapers, clothes for the refugees, medicines, crutches, wheelchairs.

Preparation for the departure and a couple of pictures made on the road:

0010 0020 0030 0040 0050 0060 0070 0090 0100 0110 0120 0130 0140 0150 0160 0170 0180 0190 0200 0210 0230 0250 0260 0270 0280 0290 0300 0320

Humanitarian aid is delivered! Volunteers – mechanis and painters of the public organization “Bulava” – converting the car into an ambulance and preparing it to be sent to the ATO zone:

0400 0410 0420 0430 0440 0450

Rivne volunteers have received the car which is going to be used to provide the military personnel and civilians in the ATO zone with food, medical supplies, uniforms, etc. Young Rivne dwellers send farewell to soldiers, as well as the driver and the freight forwarder.

0010 0020 0030 0040 0050 0060

The aid delivered to the civilian population in the ATO zone and to the refugees:

0010 0020 0030 0040

0060 0070 0080

The recipients in the ATO zone:


The medical subdivision of “Cascade” battalion has received the humanitarian aid: syringes, medicines, bandages, compresses, plasters, first aid bags, cotton wool.


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Help to the doctors

12.05.2015 the medical subdivision of “Chernigiv” battalion has received from us:
1. Three vehicles, namely:
– Opel Combo-B (WOLOSBF25W3017794),
– Volkswagen Passat (WVWZZ3AZTE063846),
– Mercedes-Benz E (VSA63817413179218);
2. Blankets, 10 pcs .;
3. Wound dressings material in the amount of 1,300 kg., namely:
bandages, compresses, plasters, first aid packets, cotton.
01 02 03 04 05 06 07  09 10 11 12 13 22 23

The result of the work of volunteers, – fitters and painters of the public organization “Bulava”, – preparing the machine to be sent to the ATO zone.

44 37

35 36
45ц11216142_844926945544646_881195755_n11216419_844926938877980_573055046_n 24  

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Delivery of humanitarian aid to Anthratsyte

02.04.2015 the humanitarian aid has been delivered to the orphanage “Annushka” in the town of Anthratsyt (Luhansk region). This zone is not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, which has presented the main challenge of this particular mission.

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