Delivery of Humanitarian Aid

Our action for the humanitarian aid delivery has been fulfilled thanks to active involvement of NGO “MTSAI” of town Novyi Rozdil and a representative of the Ukrainian diaspora in Frankfurt Svetlana Rovshan.
Our volunteers

Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_1 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_2 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_3 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_4
Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_5 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_6 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_7 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_8
Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_9 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_10 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_11
Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_12 Blok_Nove_Rozdillya_13 V_dogonku
Town of Novyi Rozdil.

The aid delivered to town of Novyi Rozdil includes clothing, medicaments, bandages, surgical gowns, masks, wheelchair, rollators, crutches, diapers and 2 exercisers addressed to the town’s hospital, the rehabilitation center and the center of the disabled.

Svyatoshynskyi home for disabled children in Kiev obtained clothing, toys, medicines, personal care products.
Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_1 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_2 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_3 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_4
Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_5 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_6 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_7 Kiew_Dom_Invalidov_8

Medicines and bandages have been delivered to Kyiv children’s medical center “Syrets'” .
LOR_Syrez_1 LOR_Syrez_2

Doctor Denga Valeriy P.

In the city of Chernihiv our seriously wounded friend Peter has received an exerciser.
Medicaments, wound dressing materisls, operating gowns, diapers and crutches have been delivered to Chernihiv City Hospital.

Likarnya Blank_Zvit_Chernigov

Medicaments, wound dressing materials, personal first aid kits, medical gowns and an ambulance car has been delivered to Mariupil’ hospital
Mariupol_1 Mariupol_2

10.10.2015. Together with the representative of Frankfurt Ukrainian diaspora Svetlana Rovshan, Ukrainian volunteers from volunteer center “Mercy” who arrived at our invitation from Cherkasy, have received humanitarian for to the rehabilitation center: medicaments, hygiene products, bedding, blankets, clothes, shoes, bicycles and huosehold utencils.
Svitlana Rovshan, Nikolay Stashuk and Oleg Skal’ko.

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