Current projects

We are starting preparation for the next delivery of humanitarian aid to orphanages and disabled children in Ukraine, dedicated to the International Children’s Day 01.06.2016.
Your donation will make this plan real.
Thank you for in advance your charity. Let God protect and bless you.

Our new humanitarian and social project a mobile dental office for the residents of the villages and the children’s institutions in Lugansk and Donetsk regions.
This project requireds a car, a dentist’s chair with the appropriate equipment, money and of course your invaluable support.

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We support the initiative of Ukrainian actrivists who collect plastic bottle caps as a raw material for artificial limbs for the soldiers wounded in ATO zone.
Please send the caps at: Atlant-Buchhandlung, Kaiserstr. 62, 76437 Rastatt, tel. 07222 159971.bJy38cVD

Church as an Aid Distribution Network

They say religion is a private matter. Not for the elder I. Lyubchak and pastor V. Kivshar, as we had a plenty of opportunities to make sure that their sincere belief is seamlessly combined with rare patriotism and selfless service to the public good. Respond to their calls is our duty.
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In translation from Ukrainian these papers say:

Dear Mr. Maxim!

I appeal to you, as the head of the public organization “United Peaceful Ukraine” with a request for humanitarian aid for distribution among the refugees who left their property in the east of Ukraine and fleeing in the central and western parts of the country; among people who for various reasons are unable to leave their half-destructed houses, and therefore remain in war zones; among people who have lost relatives and property in a result of shelling, as well as among the other categories of victims…

Please help if you can, with food having a long shelf life, clothing for different seasons, kitchenware, shoes, hygiene products, baby food, bedding, medicines against colds and heart diceases, sedatives, building materials, furniture, etc…

Mr. Maxim, if you have the opportunity to provide us with something from this list, we will distribute the aid among the victims with a feeling of grate gratuitude to you and to the Lord, preaching the Gospel of love and salvation of Jesus Christ!

Photos and videos will be sent to you without delay.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!

May God bless you, your home, your work and give you peace!!!

The senior elder of the United Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith,
VS Lyubchak


The religious community “Christian Church”, is registered by a decree №609 of the head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration in June 27 of 2000 at 61108, and is located in Kharkov, st. Ak. Walter 7B. The main purpose of the church is:
– Joint confession of our faith;
– The preaching of the Gospel;
– Education of the faithful for attainment of Christian piety and following all the bequeathed by Jesus Christ in everyday life;
– The education of children, youth and everyone who is interestes about commandments and precepts of the Lord;
– Development and strengthening of the unity of the church and the good relationships with the other churches of evangelical faith, as well as serving the goals of charity and mercy;

We cooperate with the organization “United Peaceful Ukraine” / “Fridliche Verienigte Ukraine”, presented by Svetlana Podoma and Maxim Myrskyy, which helps refugees, orphanages, hospitals, homes for the disabled, orphans, widows and needy families.

We are ready to cooperate with the Christian churches in Germany.

Lord bless you!!!

Pastor of the “Christian church” Association I Kivshar.